Activities for Very Young Learners

  • Activities for Very Young Learners

    Puchta Herbert, Elliott Karen

    Cambridge University Press

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    Isbn 9781316622735
    Rok wydania 2017
    Stron 229

    This handbook contains over 90 easy-to-use activities for the very young learner classroom, and is ideal for teachers who are looking for ideas to engage their learners in meaningful and imaginative ways. Based on their vast experience, the authors present a clear and compelling educational vision in the introduction, along with information on the learning characteristics of this age group and on how to create an optimal learning atmosphere. There are helpful tips for teaching very young learners and suggestions for how to best handle the challenges of teaching this age group. The activities are organised into eight chapters, including: class routines and classroom management;
    movement and games;
    songs, chants and rhymes for topics;
    stories and storytelling;
    arts, crafts and displays;
    exploring the world;
    thinking-based activities;
    pronunciation and early literacy.
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